I'm really feeling it!

Steam Trading Cards? Steam Trading Cards.

So. Me, I did something a bit dumb; I got myself locked out of the Steam Market for a week, since I switched forms of payment on them (switched banks, I did). This makes it rather hard to trade cards. Posting in TAY last night didn't seem to have much of an effect; maybe most of you just aren't interested in trading cards, but on the off-chance it was simply overlooked... anyone up for some card trades?

A friend of mine is in need of some Half-Life 2 cards, specifically, Gordon & Alyx, Trouble Underground, and Respite. I've got two Metrocops to trade, and a host of others.


I'm presently looking to get rid of my TF2/L4D cards, myself.

Regularly scheduled editorializing will continue later this afternoon.

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