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Steel Diver: Sub Wars 2.0 On Sonar

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The ever graceful "Steel Diver: Sub Wars" for 3DS/2DS is getting it's major 2.0 update later this month. Taking community feedback, game director Takaya Imamura announced over Miiverse what to expect in a few weeks time:

Hello. I am Takaya Imamura, the director of Steel Diver: Sub Wars.

Thank you very much for playing. I'd like to talk a little bit about some updates to the game we're working on that we're calling "Version 2.0".

In Version 2.0, in Internet Battle mode, you will now also earn bonuses for consecutive victories in Matched Skills Battles. Additionally, owners of the Premium Version will have access to a larger arsenal of subs as they level up, and more subs will be made available for purchase in the Online Shop within the game.We also received a lot of feedback via Miiverse about players attacking their allies. In Version 2.0, players who torpedo their allies will receive a warning message on their screen, and points will be deducted for every hit. We're also planning to add a new multiplayer stage, and to continue to fine-tune the submarine stats, among other things.

We are working hard to get Version 2.0 ready for release in May, so please be on the lookout for it. Thank you for your continued support of Steel Diver: Sub Wars!


Good stuff all around! Will this update make you plunge the freemium depths of Nintendo's wonderfully addictive submarine combat game, or are you still playing this little gem? Torpedos away in the commentaries below.

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