I'm really feeling it!

Stormborn Takes Over NYC

with g̶o̶d̶z̶i̶l̶l̶a̶ Bowser Jr!

In a secret visit back home to NY, I find myself recharging in vacation mode. The above delectably adorable Bowser Jr. plush was gifted to me today by one Zarnyx, who I met up with for lunch alongside Swan and Unimplied. Fun times were had meeting these amazing TAYter tots! As f0r Bowser Jr., who has now been named Cutie Patootie, he has taken up the mantle as my muse and shall help me create beautiful work that will net me gajillions of monnies.

First Ramen, and then we dropped Swan and Unimplied back to work, and then Nintendo World! Pokemon were encountered, and Mario Kart 8 was played. I won bragging rights with a Wii Remote! We messed around with Charles Martinet playing Mario and blew GBD's figurative mind with a shoutout to the TAY kingpin courtesy of Zarn as well.

I had a blast in Midtown and Nintendo World, and hope to see more TAYfolk at some point in the future should I return. Too bad one Furbs couldn't get a meet up ready...I kid! Maybe...

Thanks again Zarn, Swan, and Unimplied for having me and showing me an awesome time! Maybe next I can visit Kotaku HQ while I'm still down here?! But now it's back to Williamsburg trying to avoid hipsters like Space Invaders.


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