I'm really feeling it!

Today, a package came into the home of Stormborn, ready to turn the crappy start to the weekend into something a lot more awesome!

So yesterday's little fling with the hospital turned into something worse this morning - I had some sort of reaction to one of the medications that broke out bumps all over my noggin that made it feel like my head was on fire. These bumps were itchy and so hot it woke me up in the middle of my slumber, not allowing me to go back to rest which I so desperately needed.

I went about my Saturday morning taking a shower and letting the hot water massage my head, before feeling comfortable enough to get back to bed. Lo and behold was my surprise that when I woke up, I found a package sitting on the dining table addressed to me!


On the box it reads straight up Tmfp. No, not TMNT, but Tommy mothafreakin (censored version) Pickles! Just knowing who it was from put a big smile on my face! I took the package to my room to reveal that there were two wrapped gifts inside the box.

In the Frosty the Snowman package on the left came two shirts that could only be described as "amazeballs!" Yes, amazeballs!

The legendary starters and Pikachu! A very appropriate start to the unraveling of legendary waiting to show its face!


Onto the next shirt...

Hamina Hamina! This shirt is absolutely gorgeous...It is so beautiful that I could make love to it. I've seen this set of art before but its the first time I got to own a piece of it - and on a shirt too? Super sexy awesome.


Next up, a MGS2 key chain! Metal Gear as a franchise is an all time fave for me, and with Yoji Shinkawa's art printed as the decal, this is simply epic. My keys have been naked all this time and I was not even aware. I could've been fined for public indecency but no longer will that be a concern!


Now the final two gifts, making most of the heft of the box. I got a good laugh as a gigantic doofy smile crept on my face when I unwrapped the paper to see...crayons. All my childhood art career I dreamed of having a giant box of crayons...My dad said 24 was good enough...But today, I have become a man! and a real artist. 120!? Freakin' awesome! You guys know me as a digital artist, but I love my traditional mediums as well. I have color pencils, markers, paints both oil and acrylic, but no crayons. The void is filled!

Continuing the unwrapping saga, on the left you have Mecha Mania, an art book I was looking up some time ago on Amazon!


This is an art book I did not already have, so that was obviously a plus, but the best part is that you got a mecha art guide of all things that I need to learn. I will take mecha to a knew level! I've looked through it and it's great. I will definitely be giving it my full attention and you know I have to incorporate a mecha illustration into Pokemon One a Day now...Or I'll just start a whole new mecha story! Who knows!? With 120 crayons and this book, the sky is the limit!


Tommy MF Pickles, you've already been a super awesome friend to me on TAY, but you have cemented yourself to a new level beyond. I cannot begin to thank you enough, there are no words to describe how clutch this delivery was with how crappy I've been feeling the past 24 hours. You went beyond the spending limit and put so much thought into these gifts...I am now a proud member of the elite force known as Feel Team Six.

Again, thank you!


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