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Story Time and Pajamas: The Dream Team Launch Event at Nintendo World, NYC

Another Mario Luigi and Mario RPG game is out, everyone (as if you all did not already know)! It's called Dream Team, it's for the 3DS and I have not even opened up the game yet. Nope! What I did do on Saturday however, was skip to Nintendo World for a Pajama Party complete with musical chairs, story time, popcorn, drinks, cupcakes, the chance to dance with Luigi and Mario and of course, the ability to purchase a copy of the game a day before release.

Why do I go to these things? Well for one, it's the Year of Luigi! And who does not respect Luigi? Shut up! Don't answer "everybody and their mothers"! We get it, alright?! Overplayed but justified grievances aside, the one other reason to go to a launch event is for potentially awesome swag. While Animal Crossing's launch with its pins and real-life replica fun events mirroring the game's many features was fantastic; the purchase of the game only netted you a 3DS Animal Crossing Decal. That's cute and all and I have my memories (oh the memories!) but Nintendo World really outdid themselves this time for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team but in swag only.


This display was on the way to the counter. Trying to convince me to buy extra things, aye? Too bad! The guy who was directing the line saw me taking a picture and maybe I looked business enough but he asked me if I was writing this for a blog. Shameless plugging for Kotaku/TAY proceeded (and by that, all I said was that it would show up on Kotaku's TAY). I think he was a little bit confused or maybe scared. I don't know.

Before I reveal what it was: a story! UI 2.0 and I had lunch at Go Go Curry before the event. With full stomachs, the walk from 38th to 48th was a much needed one. When we arrived, the line was not terribly long. Now hold on! The length of the line is not an insult to Luigi! And for that matter, why do I keep talking like this is Luigi's game alone? You go into Luigi's dreams and something something but hm? All I hear is that you go into LUIGI'S dreams. No! I don't want to hear anything about that red hat cray fool of a brother! I'm happy to report that the turn out between 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. grew quite the bit (and I will pretend it was all for L) and was ideal for gaining those Streetpass tags.


Streetpass tags are exactly the way to spend your time while hanging out in a line for more than two hours. Actually, even while at the event this is what UI and I did mostly. We tagged people from Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Brazil, various regions in Japan, lots of NY peeps... it was cool! Apart from this, it was great seeing all the fans and those people that turned up in pajamas. WHAT! Pajamas? Yup. Mario Bros themed pajamas were allowed for this event and no surprise there for a game named "Dream Team".

Aww, how cu...! Wait. What the...does anyone see Luigi on those?

I was not brave enough to wear pajamas into Manhattan at 1 p.m. Well, I'm sure I could have found a Boo shirt to wear and some flannel pants but eh, I was not too game for that on Saturday. Kids that attended the event (and some adults) did not disappoint though. It was all in good fun and even if no one showed up in pajamas, the Nintendo World staff all had their P.Jams pants on.


Curses! Mario got in my shot!

Once inside, the brothers were waving and doing photo ops with everyone. I picked up a copy of the game and we were then ushered to a closed off event for those who purchased along with their guests. It was madness. There was a Mario and Luigi Mad Lib game, musical chairs for kids 12 and under, a line for popcorn and drinks that was long as all heck, cupcakes and a DJ booth for those tunes.


It was rigged, we say!

UI spent quite the while in the line for a drink, then for popcorn and we both spent a lot of the time hanging back and getting streetpass tags. Definitely more kid-oriented with the inclusion of the 12 and under only musical chairs, this event was not nearly as fun as the Animal Crossing one (which saw a crowd of older fans). Musical chairs resulted in some teary-eyed children but everyone got a prize for participating. I think UI and I were expecting more fighting and tantrums. We stuck around until the end though to see if we had won the Mad Lib game but it was rigged! And we left there empty-handed.


Well, almost.

I've obtained (and missed!) some pretty good (and not so good) swag in my time from the good people at Nintendo and these events. But as I said previously, this... this is probably my favourite thing ever.



A pillow case! The Nintendo World staff used this as a bag too. So once you bought the game, they just chucked your receipt and game into the pillow case and sent you on your merry way.


But it gets even better because the back of the pillow case has all these cutie little characters I have no clue about...yet. I can't wait to meet them though.


Especially this guy. Just look at the bad-attitude/business face he has on. (Special note to GBD: I literally have been kicking myself since I got it because I should have bought an extra copy of the game JUST so you could get this pillow case. I'm so sorry. I feel so horrible about this. I donked up!)


The quality of the pillow case, while you cannot see it here, is really good. It's durable, thick and the colours really pop. My pictures don't do this thing justice.

After the shenanigans ended, UI and I walked back to our respective trains. I'm looking forward to playing the game having enjoyed Bowser's Inside Story immensely but I'm also looking forward to The Year of Luigi launch event to be held on August 25th. That's right. If I see any trace of that red hat thing there... so help me!

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