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Streaming The Weaponographist TONIGHT!

One of our favorite games from the SxSW Gaming con last month was The Weaponographist, a beautifully crazy top-down action RPG beat-em-up. I’ve snagged an early review copy, and there’s still time for you guys to get a free copy too!

There’s a speedrun competition on for the second level of the demo, which ends today. You can grab a copy of the demo from the Steam store page for The Weaponographist. Once you’ve beaten the second level, you can tweet a screenshot of your time for a chance to win. The fastest runners get a free copy! All the gory details are in this news post.


Meanwhile, I’m trying to learn how to stream my games, so I’m going to be streaming The Weaponographist TONIGHT at 8:30PM Central (GMT-5) - wherein I will share my secrets and give you guys a chance to ask last minute questions before the contest ends.

I’ve got a brand new channel over at Twitch - right here. C’mon by, say hi, and maybe learn something cool to get yourself a free game. It’s all win, baby!

Today, I’ll be testing out my gear and streaming whatever random games I feel like playing. If you want to hang out or show some support, swing on by :)

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