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LEGO SHOT: Stuck on a Puzzle

He was an Adventurer: traversing foreign lands buried in ice and snow, others blanketed by blistering desert sands, and sleepy villages surrounded by thick mists and foreboding auras.

He was an Ambassador: conversing with men disguised as magicians, frauds from the past selling tales of the future, and vampires that lived among mortals.

He was a Detective: stumbling upon curiosities hidden on dusty shelves of Scotland Yard's underground archives, discovering and unlocking the mysteries of ancient civilisations, and bringing crooked men to justice.


He was a Gentleman: a man with a good-nature and impeccable manners who was also skilled in the art of swordplay. A man well-versed in identifying and appreciating the delicate flavours of tea. A man who had solved hundreds of puzzles during his lifetime and tenure as a Professor at Gressenheller University.

He had done just about everything.

But when the moment came, Hershel Layton could not solve the greatest puzzle of his career: Retirement.

Lego Shot "Professor Layton in Retirement" was constructed using Lego, thread, imagination and a dash of Photoshop.

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