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Study: Video Games Can Improve Driving Skills

Source: theawesomer.com
Source: theawesomer.com

Forza and Need for Speed players among us have long argued that sitting on the couch “driving” Lamborghinis against cops does have real world benefits, and for once they may actually be right. Well, partly right at least: the Journal of Psychological Science has published findings by New York University Shanghai, that gaming can improve visual-motor skills in real life. The twist however is that heavily playing any action centered game for 5-10 hours (especially first person shooters) can show tangible effects on real life driving skills, such as better steering control. Also, even playing a casual racer like Mario Kart is can show results.


Hey, I got my driver’s license on my first and only drive test, and I’ve been playing Forza since 2010. By Top Gear logic, this “science” is kind of old news. I am surprised though that playing Unreal Tournament can be beneficial as well...

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