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I'm really feeling it!

Suck it Kojima, Need for Speed's Been Predicting Coronavirus for Decades

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Now, I get why some of y’all think and/or said that Death Stranding predicted our current boring-as-balls hellscape of isolation due to a disease that forces us to stay home and as far away form each other as much as possible, but let me set things clear: like always, a racing game franchise was ahead of everyone else on this curve.


“How?” you’re probably asking? Well, let’s take a look at an aspect that’s long been a stickler for arcade racers: the lack of traffic. Of course, this is because if you were crashing into a camry or PT cruiser every 15 seconds, open-world racers wouldn’t be much fun, now would they (well, unless it was a Burnout title of course)? Now though, we’re seeing the one silver lining of no one going out: no traffic. And better yet, anyone who’s ever wanted to daily their sportscar is doing so. Want proof? Not only did I finally see a current gen BMW 8-series on the street, not only are Bentleys a common occurrence, but here, on the outskirts of Portland Oregon, near Tigard, I saw a goddamn Ariel Atom on the street.

In the UK, this would be no big deal, but in the US, Atoms are rarer than Lamborghinis. Seeing that road-going gocart, it dawned on me: I’m living in a Forza Horizon game.

... Okay, a Horizon game with no music festival, racing events, or scenarios where I race my Impreza against some sort of vehicle that isn’t a car, and it’s completely devoid of joy, but nevertheless, there’s no traffic and the cool stuff is out in the open for once. So in this small, tiny, minute regard, racing games predicted COVID-19.


Or this could just be another case where we’re seeing just one aspect of media through a selective lens and projecting it onto real world conditions that’ve been predicted before countless times in other games, movies, shows, etc...

Eh, I’d take this over rain that ages you. Reading twitter does enough of that as it is.

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