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Summer Gaming Goals

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I was inspired by Picky’s post the other day- figured I’d jot down some game goals of my own.

Unfortunately, I won’t have a ton of time to play video games this summer. I’m getting married at the end of the July, and the planning takes up a lot of time- along with making sure we spend quality time with family and friends. I’ll also be working a lot- not just writing with The Completionist, but at my restaurant job too (I’m pretty convinced that no one who lives in L.A. works just one job). So with wedding planning and working, my free time will be limited. We live in a studio apartment and actually don’t have a TV- so no consoles are hooked up right now.


That said! I’ve got handhelds for days and a 14 hour plane flight to look forward to (honeymoon in London!). So let’s see what I’ve got.

The main goal for me is to try and double down on some previous purchases that I’ve made and never gotten around to. I picked up a New 2DS XL a while ago, and have yet to actually complete any games I’ve purchased for it. So it’ll be Shovel Knight, New Super Mario 3D Land, Oracle of Seasons/ Oracle of Ages, and Ocarina of Time. That’s a good start, if I can make it all the way through even one of those, I’ll be stoked.

On the Vita front- I want to give that Batman game set in Blackgate prison a shot. I played it once, years ago, liked it, never returned to it. I’d also like to finish up Undertale and XCOM- they’re within my grasp, just have to buckle down and do those last few things. I’d also really like to get good at Spelunky, which I’ve dabbled in for years and never made it past the second world.

That seems reasonable- games I can play for an hour or two at a time, nothing overwhelming. I’ll have those big chunks of travel time that I’m actually excited about- nothing better than playing in a big flying metal can when there’s nothing else to do or anywhere else to go.


Once we’re good and married and have a larger place to call our own- it’s going to be Dark Souls Remastered, Metal Gear Solid V, XCOM 2- but I’m looking forward to doing some stuff on a smaller scale for now.

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