I'm really feeling it!

Here we are again. Another year, another Summer. Time for adventures in everything! With pictures to show for it. TAY’s Photography Club is back!

The project is simple: Take pictures of your Summer! Went to the park, beach, city, somewhere? Ate a cool meal? Cooked a good meal? Took a great in-game photo? Whatever Summer means to you, snap a picture and share with us.


All entries will go on your personal blog, tag them TAY Classic, and “Summer Photography Club 2016". At the end of Summer, I’ll compile our entries into a giant collage as with Summer entries past, and link to everyone’s adventures in a wrap-up post.

Anyone is welcome to participate, TAY author or not. It doesn’t have to be professional, camera phones or what-have-you are welcome. All skill levels. It’s not a competition!

Probably doesn’t need to be said but will anyway: no pornographic material or distatesful pictures.


Most of all, just have fun, TAY!

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