I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Some of my favorite music I listened to last year. It didn't all release in 2013, but I thought it would be fun to share some tunes with everyone.

Chvrches - "Gun"

A cool little electropop group from Scotland, and they're actually starting to get some radio play as well as playing at Coachella.


Anamanaguchi - "Prom Night"

A wicked cool chiptuney group that did the music for the Scott Pilgrim game. Also, these guys are so cool they get two postings.

Anamanaguchi - "Akira"

Sweet, sweet sounds if you ask me.

Com Truise - "Colorvision"

80's inspired electronica is an easy sell for me. The whole album In Decay is top notch.


Phantogram - "Don't Move"

Great duo from Greenwich, New York. They use some pretty cool sounds.

Crystal Castles - "Knights"

Another great duo that seem to specialize in haunting electronica. Great song.

Bastille - "The Weight of Living, Pt. I"

Bastille made a big debut and hit the charts with "Pompeii", but I think this song here deserves some more love. I look forward to more from them.


That's all I got! Share some of your favorite tunes with me in the comments! I know this list seems fairly electronica heavy, but I like almost everything so share away!



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