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Sunday morning TAY: Revenge of the TAY

So, since I started my Buried Treasure column yesterday (new name coming soon), I am beginning to think of different column ideas. Ideally, I would love to have a column nearly everyday, but we shall see if that pans out.

For the Sunday column, I was thinking of something that requires minimal effort by me because it is Sunday and I am lazy. So, Sunday morning TAY was born. Given the current upheaval in nu-TAY (that is what I am calling it until someone forces me not to), it is unclear how much talking amongst yourselves can really happen unless you are an "author." It seems that non-authors can only reply to an already created thread. That means that conversations are basically pointed affairs in which you have to stay on an assigned topic.


So, in the spirit of old TAY, I am going to put up an empty TAY thread on Sunday in order to bring back the old flavor. Authors and non-authors alike, reply to this thread about whatever you want and have ye olde tyme discussion about anything that comes to mind (might I suggest favorite cereal? Mine is Frosted Flakes because they are GRR....decent).

For now, I have decided to make this Sunday morning TAY, but if people would prefer, then I can move the day to another one. Just let me know what the preference is in the thread.

NOTE: Dear Kotaku editors, I assume it is okay to do this since it is just once a week, but if not, then just tell me to not do it again.

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