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Sunset Overdrive Teaser Site Opens!

Oh, right. That one Xbox One game that Insomniac is making. The one I've been desperate for details on since E3 last year. Nah, no big deal. Except it is. Okay, let's see what we've got here...

Ah, yes. First thing's first. There's an extremely high chance that's the energy drink they used in the trailer to awesomeify their guns. I don't care if that's not a real word, with Sunset Overdrive, it is now. Clicking on Nutritional Info gives us basically the same information we'd expect from just about every other energy drink in the real world, but there's a lot more caffeine. 800mg worth of it, to be exact! I'm pretty sure that's more than even a can of Wired X505 would be, but I'm no expert in this realm.


After that, there's a blurb about the company behind the Overcharge Delirium. But that's not quite as interesting as what comes after it...

Possibly a list of cities with special events for demos of Sunset Overdrive? Or just places where Insomniac will be showing off the game? Definitely leads to them showing it off at E3, Comic-Con, Gamescom, and PAX Prime if the dates are what I think they are. Hmm. Unfortunately for me, I live no where near any of these places. Oh well, that's what internet streams are for.

Anyway! Next section!


These are people who will make 'special appearances' at the shows. Perhaps they'll be some of the many playable characters we'll have to mow down mutants? I wonder if they'll each have their own story or if 'playable characters' don't really mean much other than what your model is. I'm hoping they will each have stories, however.

The next section of the site deals with the sights and sounds of Sunset City. This is divided into two parts, food and attractions.


Let's begin with food.There's a fast food joint named Sexburger. Yes, you read that right. There's a brewery called Agua Mofeta. I think it's Spanish. I've never taken Spanish but 'Agua' is close to 'Aqua' which is Latin for water. I took Latin. I will assume 'Agua' is water. Something to do with water. Fizzco, the company behind Overcharge Delirium, also has their own cafe. Seems like a chill place. There's also Sasquatch & Friends, which seems like their own version of Chuck E. Cheese. Maybe. That's it for food.

As for attractions, we firstly have The Content Channel. I don't know if it's a television channel or a channel as in waterway, but regardless it's billed as the place for things. All things. Things you want. Things others want. Sunset City also has a Japanese Heritage museum. That makes me want to slice and dice mutants with a katana while listening to hardcore J-Rock. Or something like that. I'm weird, I know. There's also a community park and playground. Not much to say on the matter. And finally, Wondertown Land is your standard amusement park.


The bottom of the page has company logos for other in-game companies sponsoring the event. I'm excited for this game moreso than I was eight months ago since Insomniac has actually given us something.

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