I'll be setting up a weekly tournament for the TAY community to take advantage of Sunday morning. Expect me to be there often! I figured that something on a Sunday morning is easiest as most people have Sunday off and means that we'll be able to include a lot of our European TAYers who might otherwise be fast asleep. It's live already so all you'll need to do Sunday is walk over to your Wii U and hop on.

Pertinent Info:

SunTAY Drivers


Update 2: We're live now! I had it to start at 8, but I guess that was local time, moved it up a few hours.


Update: I had a typo earlier, this is the correct Tournament code. I had to repost this because I seemingly kept getting the short end of the Kinja stick, and it wouldn't let me just edit a post. It must be mad at me because I want it to center align text...