I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hi. I've heard some people asking where I've been lately. The answer is school. And depression. Horrifying, crippling depression that stems from chronic pain stuff. But school too! I had some massive, massive papers that were due—basically, the same kind of essays I do here, but about old movies. Didn't really think I should post them.

Right now, I'm working up a piece on PC gaming. Actually, three pieces. The first one is for those of you who are thinking you might want to get into PC gaming. It's about dispelling some of the myths, talking about why PC gaming's so sweet, stuff like that. The second is for those of you who want to get into PC gaming by way of building your own computer: so I'll be talking parts and assembly. It's a really easy, fun process, but I know that when building your first, there's a giddy nervousness to it, and I'm here to help you out.


The final piece is going to be about how I pre-ordered Thief for $7.50. Or, in other words, it's what to do with your PC once you've built it. So I'll be tackling games acquisition, mods, the kind of software you might want to have on your PC, how to turn your computer into a media center—heck, I might even tell you how to mine litecoins while you're away so you can make some cash on the side.

In other words: Why you should get a computer, What computer you should get, How you should use it.

I've got some other stuff coming down the pike too, which I hope you enjoy. But yeah. I am working on stuff, it is coming, and for the few of you who've been asking, now you know. Oh, and I've been writing these, which has resulted in a lot of Russian people friending me on Steam, for some reason. I've got 143 reviews for Dragon Age: Origins and 128 for Payday: The Heist. No idea why. Apparently people like my reviews.

Part of my attempts at surviving the past month or so have involved me making myself game more. And recently, I started doing a bit more streaming on Team Orphan Meat's channel. I've expanded the games I've played, too—Killing Floor, for instance, is something I've been having fun with lately. But I'm interested in playing more.


Plus, I'm starting to branch out into video content. I'm working on a SECRET VIDEO PROJECT that I think you might enjoy. And I've been doing some streaming just to get used to the whole thing.

The question is, are there any games you'd like me to stream, talk about, and/or write about? I'll tackle anything, as long as I've got it. Right now, I'd like to stay limited to Steam, in part because I can really only tackle the games I've got. But, hey, I've got over six hundred, so there's plenty I can do videos with. Want to see me try Dark Souls for the first time? Show you how an expert plays STALKER or System Shock 2? Maybe there's a game you're interested in buying that you'd like to see some footage of! In the words of Chekov:


So. Yes.

Essays coming. Some of you will groan; I'm not writing them for you.

I'm also ready to make videos for you, first streams... and then, uh, more polished content. Soon.


Oh yeah, and if you want, I'll play co-op games with you, so long as they're not made by Valve (Left 4 Dead 1 excepted). Hawken? Payday? Payday 2? Borderlands? SURE. Anything. If I've got it and it isn't Valve, I'll join you. Heck, if you want even more players, I'm sure the ever-awesome Xavus, General McFist, and the rest of Team Orphan Meat would be glad to hop in. Fair warning: I'd prefer that you have a microphone, though, as Neryl can attest, it's not a huge deal-breaker.

Also, people have been recommending that I consider setting up a Patreon account. Thoughts?

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