This weekend saw the second iteration of Oklahoma City's budding new gaming convention, SUPER! BitCon. I attended the inaugural S!BC last year and had a good enough time to decide to attend this year. Is SUPER! BitCon's sophomore outing bigger and better than before? Yes and yes.

After the cramp conditions last year, SUPER! BitCon thankfully moved to a larger venue in the same area. This new venue allowed for more dealers, more artists, more free gaming kiosks, and of course more attendees. It's a good thing they changed venues, too, as this year's SUPER! BitCon nearly doubled last year's attendance with 3,500 people on hand to take part in the festivities. And the change in location wasn't the only big change, as S!BC doubled its length from last year, being a two-day convention this time around. Of course there was an increase in the entry fee, but at just a cool $10 for both days, S!BC remained a good deal.

A convention isn't complete without some guests, and just like last year the guests were primarily YouTube artists and personalities. This year's guest list had the likes of The Game Chasers, ProJared, AlphaOmegaSin, Patrick Scott Peterson, Smooth McGroove, and The Gaming Historian.

There was also an increase in the amount of panels held this year, thanks to there being two panel areas. I personally attended a panel hosted by The Game Chasers, AlphaOmegaSin, and The Gaming Historian, a game show to give out door prizes such as a New 3DS XL, a SNES bundle, and copious amounts off GameStop gift cards, and a panel hosted by Smooth McGroove.

Of course as the title of this article states, I also took some pictures. Not too many, but certainly more than I did last year, and that even includes pics of that good old convention staple, cosplay. As a head's up, I broke the pics up into three different galleries, so without further ado let's get started.


First up, pics of the general convention floor and the panels I attended.

Next up we have the requisite cosplay pictures.


And lastly we have pictures I took with various guests plus all the crap I bought.

And that pretty much wraps up SUPER! BitCon 2015. I had a great time and the con vastly improved in merely just one year while still remaining a great overall deal. Needless to say I am greatly anticipating next year's event.