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Super! BitCon Mini-Roundup

So yeah, today was the inaugural Super! BitCon, a new video game convention in Oklahoma City. Seeing how I like video games, I live in said city, and I pretty much had nothing to do today, I decided to attend.

This is only a mini-roundup because, well....the con itself was basically a miniature one. It was only one day long, an oddity in and of itself from my experience going to conventions, and it only had one panel room, so there wasn't much to do beyond shopping around the dealer's room and anemic artist alley(there was all told only 4 artist booths and a 5th art based booth was a silent auction). There was a very small stage with live music playing, which was nice. In addition there was a small room with some old school arcade and pinball machines set on free play mode.


Really the highlight of this event was getting to hang out and shoot the breeze with the many YouTube "celebrities" on hand, such as the Game Chasers, Projared, and AlphaOmegaSin. Well that, and the fact that it cost a mere $6 to get in. All things considered, it was totally worth it. I just hope that future Super! BitCons have a bit more meat to them. And there should be future ones, today was pretty packed, with a constant stream of attendees.

I don't have many pictures related to the event, though. While there were cosplayers, I didn't really bother taking their pictures this time. So you'll just have to settle for looking at me, AlphaOmegaSin, and Projared.

And here is my haul from the event.


The highlight being that GBA SP and the three GBA games I bought; Golden Sun, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. All told the system and the games only set me back $58.

So, yeah. That's how I spent my day.

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