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Super Dungeon Explore: Legends and Ver.2.0 funded in minutes!!! (updated Oct 25)

Hello again Kotaku! OH MAN..... Thank you so much anyone who backed us!! Backed what? Oh uhhhhhh this:

My name is Dan Dussault and I draw the actual boards for this game as well as some of the newer character designs and concept art.


We launched our new Kickstarter today and, within minutes, were funded well over our goal of 80k!!!! As of 9 pm eastern time we have broken 300k in funding! UPDATE: We now have over $500K!! To anyone unfamiliar with the game please head over to the kickstarter to learn more about it. I have been working on game elements for months and I am totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of interest in Version 2.0 and the “Legends” campaign/RPG sets.

For anyone who HAS played this game, please let me know your thoughts on it! The differences between the original game and “Forgotten King”(the expansion that released early this year) are pretty great (we self published that time too!) and its also where I started making the boards!

Throughout the campaign we will be revealing many new minis and add-ons that I designed! UPDATE: Almost all of the characters that I designed for this campaign have been revealed already! This was funded so quickly that we might even have to make brand new ones to keep up with demand!

If you have any questions about how this game plays or even about working on an independent game of any kind please feel free to ask.

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