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Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo! Episode 4: Butz Everywhere

HEY LISTEN! There’s a new episode of Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo, and you should really give it a listen.

January’s episode, dubbed “Butz Everywhere”, features the return of everyone’s favorite soft spoken co-host - Narelle Ho Sang (aka Zarnyx). Not only that, we also have novelist, and TAY superstar, Peter Tieryas stopping by as our special contestant. Two of the world’s most beloved gaming categories make their SGQAT debut, in what may be the most legendary episode yet!


Sorry, I get excited easily.

If you’re more of an Apple or iTunes person, you can download the podcast from the iTunes store here (don’t forget to leave a review!). You can find all our past episodes on iTunes and on SoundCloud, which is where episodes are hosted.

With the publishing of this fourth episode we have reached our SoundCloud upload limit and therefore must upgrade to a paid plan. This, along with the cost of purchasing and shipping terrible games, has inspired me to start a Patreon page for Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo.


For those who don’t know, Patreon is a site where you can support people with donations that come in based on a time period or new content. It’s crowd funding, but in a more ongoing method. In the case of SGQAT I’m going to be doing it per episode. So if you pledge $1 then I’ll be getting that $1 every time a new episode comes out (which is once a month). You can stop at any time and you get rewards depending on how much you have pledged.


Here’s a link to the Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo page on Patreon.

The more we bring in per episode the more we can do to make the show that much better. We’re going to keep making the podcast regardless of how much is donated through Patreon, but it would certainly help to cover the cost of producing the show each month.


No pressure! We know TAY folks can be very giving, but in the end this is your hard earned cash. And if you’d rather hold on to it and buy the next big video game then we completely understand. Seriously. Support us if you have a few bucks laying around and you enjoy the show. Otherwise... don’t! We’ll still keep chugging along.

If you have any questions or comments on either the episode or the whole Patreon thing just let me know in the comments.


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