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Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo! Episode 5: Gunshoes for Barbie

The shortest month of the year has somehow yielded the longest episode of Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo to date. Come on in and take a listen!

February’s episode features our very own Evan Chambers as co-host as well as TAY veteran The Geek Empress and Console Wars author Blake J. Harris. If you want to hear some great trivia about Kingdom Hearts and Sonic then you’re in for a treat. And even if those franchises aren’t your favorites you can still listen to Evan and I discuss visual novels, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Smash Bros, Disney movies, the poor doomed Vita, Virtual Reality, and more.


Also, I do one of Knuckles’ raps from Sonic Adventure. With air horns and everything. It’s as amazing and embarrassing as it sounds. Jump to an hour and four minutes in if you’re dying to hear it.

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