HOLD IT! You haven’t seen our latest piece of evidence, which shows without a shadow of a doubt that Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo episode six is one of the best yet.

That’s right, it’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite gaming trivia podcast. This time around we have TAY regular RerTV showing off his never ending knowledge of Ace Attorney, while special guest and gaming artist PaperBeatsScissors does his best to set a new high score in Star Fox. And did I mention Nach is back in the co-host seat with his swarthy Venezuelan charm set on full blast? Because he totally is.

Past episodes can be found on SoundCloud, and if you’re more of an Apple person you can find the whole Super Gaming Quiz series on iTunes.

RerTV has a YouTube channel and Twitch channel (in case you didn’t know) that I highly recommend you check out. PaperBeatsScissors’ artwork can be found on his tumblr, and there is a lot of amazing (and cute) pieces to be found.


Super Gaming Quiz is also on Patreon, and if you enjoy the show you should think of donating a few bucks to help us cover the cost of producing the episodes, as well as buy and shipping our terrible games. Every little bit helps.


As usual, feedback (positive or negative) is welcome and the Super Gaming Quiz team looks forward to our next show in April!


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