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Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo! Episode 8: Stork Squad

Looming deep in the shadows of a zombie-filled mansion lurks the eighth episode of Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo. Featuring hilarious Kotaku/TAY regular Aikage and spooky Resident Evil trivia, it’s one of our best podcasts yet.

The newest SGQAT episode also features The Quiet Storm (also known as Zarnyx) back as co-host and covers E3 2016, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, BattleBorn, storks, tofu and more! Give it a listen below.


All past episodes can be found on both SoundCloud and iTunes. I highly recommend you subscribe if you enjoy them. If you’ve listened to any of our shows in the past you’ll notice a few changes in this episode. These include...

  • We’ve decided to stick with just one contestant and topic per episode. This allows us to cut less conversation and delve deeper into the content and silliness.
  • Having only one guest makes the episodes a bit shorter (though not much), but we are attempting to put out two episodes in the normal time span we put out one in the past (usually every month).
  • SGQAT has joined the Audible affiliate program, which mean we now get a little kickback when people sign up for a free trail with our special URL that we will be briefly promoting on the show. Not expecting much from this... but it’s cool to have a sponsor! Do not feel obligated to sign up unless you truly think it would be something you enjoy.

As always, feedback is welcome. You can also support us on Patreon if you’d like to be a part of the podcast in a very meaningful way. Big shout out to the TAY folks who are already backing us. We very much appreciate it.

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