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Nintendo hasn't delved much into the land of DLC, preferring to craft games to 100% of what they want and letting them stand alone. Imagine my surprise to hear that a side scrolling mario game was getting an expansion pack, featuring the underrated/overrated green brother himself, Luigi. Deciding to be impatient and picking up the x-pac digitally this morning, me and my brother decided to delve right in.

So, being the year of Luigi, Mario is out of town, and Luigi is in charge. The story and setting of the game are the same, even recycling the entire world map and cutscenes, with Mario vaporized right out of his hat at the dinner table. A strange way of doing it, but far from the most problamatic thing about the DLC, being 3 problems I have with the game.

In Mario's place for the 4 player co-op, he is replaced by Nabbit, who appeared in the first game and stole items from you, prompting you to chase him down to retrieve them. in SLU though, he actually plays uniquely from Luigi and the 2 toads. He is immune to all enemies, passing straight through them, but he can't gain any of the power ups. When picking up power ups, he stashes them in his bag and trades them for 1 ups at the end of each stage. This seems to have been added to allow younger players to join a more advanced player, and still keep up. The downside however, is that it means that if a second player (in this case my brother) wants to play the full experiece alongside player one, he has to play as one of the cursed toads, who nobody likes. A minor downside, but worth mentioning.

Second on my list, is the time limit. In any other Mario game, the timer was an after thought in all but the most gruesome levels, usually only coming into play if you got lost in a puzzle stage or play too conservatively. In SLU though, the timer on every level starts off at about 70 seconds, and you are treated to the "running out of time" jingle the moment you start every level. All the levels I've played have been pretty short and I feel rushed to get through them due to the sped up music.


Now for the biggest problem I've been having with the dlc. A problem that hasn't existed in any side scrolling mario ever made, something they nailed from the very beginning of the series. The game controls terribly. I can't believe this is even a problem with a mario game, but there it is. Movement feels slippery, like every single level is made of ice, I died more then a dozen times from slipping right off ledges, and caught maybe 1 in 10 mushrooms, because I couldn't manage to get to them before they went off a ledge. The jump has a yoshi like hover to it that makes you over-shoot ledges because you feel like your'e jumping in low gravity. I don't see how they messed this up, but it makes the game 10x harder then it should be.

So all in all, I would skip out on it, unless you're an extreme fan, and can't live without it in your collection. Maybe my game was glitched and I'm missing something. If anyone else is having a different experience with it, please do share.