I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Super Mario Brothers Speed Run

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Week 3: Super Mario Brothers Speed Run

  • Number of events: 1
  • Systems: Any (PC preferred)
  • Players per team: 1
  • Win condition: The player gets one chance. From the moment they start to the moment they finish regardless of deaths is their time. Warps may be used. Glitches may be used. Emulators with mods may NOT be used. This is pure vanilla Mario, not Afro mario or "mario jumps 100 feet at a time" mario. Run must be documented in some fashion - learn to record your TV/3DS/Computer now kids! Runners will have a max of 1/2 hour to complete. If player cannot complete in 1/2 hour, then they are disqualified.
  • The best way to do this is via emulator with OBS. You can stream your entire attempt to twitch. Details on how to stream are included in the EVENT CALENDAR.
  • When: Saturday August 2nd All Day

Sign Ups - Pick a Non Overlapping Time when you sign up!

Shadow Complex: Kcet (Time?)

UI's Bargain Bin:

Aikage's Stacked Deck: Aikage (12:00 pm)

Random Team 4: Rockmandash (1:00 pm)

Ugh: Novibear (time?)


Sexy Pod Sixers:



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