I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I played a friend’s new level tonight and was having trouble getting through some pieces of it. I messaged him on discord and said something like, “You know that part, after the seesaw thing, and there’s that pipe that drops the bomb, you gotta make the bomb space wider because I can’t fit next to the block next to the pipe where the bomb goes because the trampoline I had got stuck there.”


It was then that I realized Super Mario Maker 2 really needs some kind of online multiplayer maker mode. I don’t know if that means being able to stream a level to your friend, being able to have a friend play a level before uploading it online, being able to make a level together online, or something else. I do know that having a friend repeatedly upload a slightly altered level so I can say “yea that works” or “no I meant something else” does not work well.

I suppose the easiest solution right now is for me to stream the level and have my friend watch....but I don’t stream, so I’d have to set all that up and get used to it. I’m not sure how else I would give critiques on his level, or how he would give critiques on mine (if I ever finish it!). There just needs to be some better process for showing levels to friends who aren’t with you in person before you’ve actually finished making them. An online co-op maker mode seems possible but unlikely given Nintendo’s online bemusement.

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