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Super Smash Rumors: Rayman Joins the Battle? UPDATE: Proven Fake

The fine folks over at 4Chan have graced us with some images of Ubisoft's limbless hero making an appearance in Nintendo's newest brawler as DLC. Real or fake, they look solid.

4chan isn't exactly the most reliable source, far from it, but they have had their fair share of legitimate leaks in the past. If the images are fake they're very well done and show much attention to detail. You'll also notice a certain psychic Pokeman that we know is coming soon.


In the image below you can see that a "shop" icon has been apparently added to the main page.


People seem to be thrown off by Rayman's powerful eyebrows, but those are the same bad boys he's supporting in his already well-know Super Smash Bros trophy. I mean, how many people thought Duck Hunt Dog was a fake? I know I did. You can never tell with these kinds of things, but I would be thrilled to have Rayman join the fray. Both Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends were fantastic and have cemented the comeback of everyone's favorite lum-nabbing hero.

It's too bad we don't have any footage of him in motion. If it's real that is.

UPDATE: It seems a video has surfaced to go along with the pictures. Hmm.

Thanks to BattleBorn and Shiyru (via twitter) for linking me to the video.

UPDATE #2: The video has been taken down. Has our leaker been silenced by the Nintendo ninjas? OR is a all a ploy to make the "leak" seem more real?


UPDATE #3: Looks like we've been duped, folks. The mad man behind the "leak" has come forward to show how he did it. And it's darn impressive!


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