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Warning: May contain mild spoilers! You have been warned!

There may be a bit of bias here. I’m a lifelong Supergirl fan, after all. I got my start on the comic book world through the old 80’s Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk cartoons. But the first comic book I ever purchased?


A very young Jolly spotted this issue on the stand in a bookstore I was in with my mother, and I just had to have it. I’ve followed the character ever since.

So, what about the show? I thought it was decent. Not the greatest episode of a superhero show ever (Daredevil’s “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” or “World on Fire” this was not), but I do feel that the show’s amalgamation of the two best known versions of the comic character managed to find the spirit of the character I’ve known and loved.

Of course, being the nerd that I am, I have a few quibbles.

Much of the plot seemed very rushed. It jumped from plot point to plot point faster than a speeding bullet ( I couldn’t help myself, sorry). “ Here’s how she got here! Here’s what she’s doing. Look, she’s a hero! Here’s the overarching plot of the season! Look, her first lesson in the danger she is in! Here’s your villain!”. I’m hoping that this is just first episode problems, with the show runners just struggling to get all the relevant info introduced.


And by far the most annoying part, Superman. I’ve read about DC’s desire to keep the movies and tv shows separate. But it really seems that if DC had such an issue with Supes being mentioned on tv, producing a show based on the character’s cousin isn’t the best course of action. They deigned to mention him by name early on, and called him the ‘Man of Steel’ later on, but for most of the episode they dance around it, and dear god I was sick of it by the end. DC either needs to get over their deal with Superman being mentioned on tv for this show, or Supergirl really needs to drop mentioning him.

But it wasn’t all gloom and doom. Kara is played pretty damn well in my opinion by Melissa Benoist. I like the idea of the Kryptonian prison inmates, and look forward to seeing where that leads. And for a network tv show with no real budget, the action sequences were nicely done. I’m looking forward to episode 2, and I’d recommend a glance to anybody who has ever had an interest in the character.

Jolly Quick Review: Already better than the 80’s movie.

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