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Superior Shuckle! Pokemon One a Day, Series 2!

Day 62

Mold Pokemon

Today on One a Day, we explore another cartoon to inspire and give birth a new crossover featuring Shuckle! The show in question? Why, Invader Zim of course! So then, let’s summon our best Jhonen Vasquez impersonating drawing hand and get to work!


Invader Zim is a cult classic for good reason and the series has grown in popularity in it’s death. Resurrected to give Shuckle a bit of oomph, the series has a very distinct visual style and the connection to Shuckle might be a bit of a hard sell. I had trouble figuring out what to do for Shuckle in terms of a style, but I did have an illustration planned out before I got to work on what would be the art of the day.

Originally, I played with the shape of the creature, it’s shell, and thought to make a small scene featuring a “whack-a mole” Diglett confounding the creature. I thought it was cute but it didn’t really have legs to be special. Throughout the first and this second series of One a Day, I’m constantly brainstorming for styles from comics, movies, books, tv shows, games, etc. Invader Zim has been one I’ve written down and I felt like Shuckle was a prime candidate even if the connection isn’t super obvious.


Shuckle’s this strange snail/turtle hybrid, and when I first sat down to think about how to break it down visually, it’s shell and tentacles were the main elements I thought to expand on for a style. I thought about tentacles and made a connection to hentai aliens. I then saw the shell as sort of a meteorite and the extraterrestial vibe kept growing. I then thought it would be fun to make it a creature from the Invader Zim world and things really fell into place soon after.

It was all about mixing and matching elements from your favorite characters to create an entity that could pay homage to the show but also represent the Pokemon subject of the day. I was considering playing up the palette to fit the show better but then Shuckle might be lost in the presentation. Once the concept was down, linework evolved naturally and coloring was a snap. Presto! Complete illustration!

Hope you guys dig the work and thanks for tuning in! QOTD is...What would the Pokemon companions be for the characters of the show!?


Exploring the creatures of Gold and Silver, Pokemon One a Day Series 2 can be seen as both a standalone project and expansion to the original marathon of artwork that sought to present one unique new illustration per day. This project builds upon the exploration of personal technical and philosophical concepts and visual styles under daily deadline to create quality works for personal and professional growth.


Learn more about the artist, Bonny John, at www.bonnyjohn.com ! There you’ll find links to his YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantART accounts, in addition to his other bodies of work!

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