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Supernatural- The Best of The Lulz (pt 1)

Supernatural- the show about two brothers who hunt monsters. Not the kind of thing you'd expect to be dripping with humor, but the show is actually filled with laughs. This is my attempt to bring you the funniest moments and episodes from all eight seasons thus far.

  • Dean- "I'm Batman" (Season 3, "Bad Day at Black Rock")

A cursed rabbit's foot brings luck to all those who carry it. It also, unfortunately, brings bad luck to anyone who then loses it. Dean, now in possession of the item, comes across his brother about to be killed by some rival hunters. Hilarity ensues.

  • Dean- The Deputy (Season 3, Jus in Bello)

Sam and Dean have been arrested, and are confined in a small town's police station when it comes under attack by demons. One of the agents that as been chasing them gets possessed, and kills a few people, including the sheriff. The look on Sam's face is what makes this scene.

  • Dean Is Scared of Everything (Season 4, Yellow Fever)

Dean is infected with a disease that makes people become so afraid their heart stops. I can't point to just one moment in this episode that is the most funny, the entire episode just exudes lulz. Though I may have to give the nod to the after credits scene of Jensen Ackles (Dean) performing "Eye of the Tiger".

  • This Teddy Bear Needs More Than A Doctor ( Season 4, Wishful Thinking)

Investigating some odd occurrences in a local town, The Winchesters discover people's wishes are coming true. But the wishes are twisted and turned horrible. Including the wish of a little girl who wanted nothing more than to see her teddy bear come to life and have tea parties.

  • Nutcracker! ( Season 5, Changing Channels)

Stuck in a loop of tv channels by a trickster god, Sam and Dean find themselves on a Japanese game show called Nutcracker. The questions are all something the brothers could easily answer, but the host only asks the questions in Japanese, which neither brother understands. The punishment for not getting the question right is.... not pleasant.

  • Balls! (Season 6, Weekend at Bobby's)

Ah, Weekend at Bobby's. Probably my favorite episode of the series. There are just too many funny moments in this episode to name just one.


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