I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I've been wanting to exercise my writing skills, but I haven't had anything in mind to write about. Then suddenly, I realized I didn't need to wait for anything to come to me, I could just write about the mundane and try and give it some emotion. So here's my latest SupremeStory, by SupremeEvan, titled It's Icy Out There.

* * * * * *

It was 11:12 AM on a Sunday morning. A heavy ice storm had hit the city the night before. A layer of ice, an inch thick, coated everything in sight. It looked like the world was encased in glass.


There was a flick in power. The TV that was blaring a season premiere of Burn Notice only seconds before displayed a blank screen, and the sudden silence left a ringing in Evan's ears. All ambient noise was lost, the only sound that could be heard was a single car warming up in the parking lot as it's owner desperately attempted to chip away the ice casing.

But in the blink of an eye, everything sprang back to life. The heaters kicked back on, the freezer and fridge hummed in unity, and the TV started back up, displaying the bouncing logo of the streaming box as it too began to boot up.

That was odd, thought Evan. But the concern had stopped there. He resumed the episode of Burn Notice, starting up from where he had left off, and grabbed his 3DS to multi-task and play some Pokemon Y.

Fifteen minutes had gone by, when it happened again. Everything died as the power went out. This time, the only sound that could be heard was the cry of a freshly hatched Charmander. This outage was different, though. The power didn't come back on right away. After waiting for a few minutes, Evan got up to check the parking lot. Normally, if it was overcast, the parking lot lamps would be triggered on by their lights sensors. But there was nothing. Everything seemed so grey.


1:00 PM now. The temperature inside was starting to fall. Keeping warm with a blanket and a cat, Evan continued to play his 3DS. A short power outage would serve as a great time to try and hatch the perfect Charmander.

He checked his phone to see if he could get any info regarding the power situation. The top left of his iPhone read "No Service". He was used to seeing 1 or 2 bars of 3G while sitting in the living room of his apartment, but he had never experienced a lack of service overall. Maybe this power outage was worse that he had thought?


It was now 2:45 PM, and the power was still out. Starting to think about what to do for dinner, Evan decided to take a walk to the nearby mall and see if he could pick up some supplies. He certainly couldn't cook anything that was canned or in the freezer, not without power at least. Coat, gloves, scarf and boots. All set to venture out into the cold. It felt like jumping into a silent movie as he left his house. Everything was quiet and colourless.

The first set of traffic lights were out. The few cars that drove by barely knew what to do in this sort of situation. Evan just shook his head at how most driver's act when a set of lights are out. Always treat it as a four-way stop, c'mon!


The second set of lights were out too. This is getting a lot more serious than Evan once thought, but the mall isn't too far away, now. He'll be able to feel the warmth once he reaches his destination.

A quick, but careful, dash through the cold and icy parking lot lead Evan up to the entrance to the mall. It was open, but not a single light was on inside. All the stores had closed up and pasted signs on their doors and windows. Checking his phone again, he noticed he had 1 bar of service. Clutching his only lifeline, he texted a message to a friend to see if they could check on the power situation. No responses. Eventually, he decided to trek north, and see if he could find a store that had power.


After making a huge and unsuccessful loop, Evan admitted that his adventure had returned no results. All traffic lights were out; not a single store was open. Several fallen trees that had buckled under the weight of the ice only spelled disaster. Now he was thinking about what he was going to do if the power didn't even end up returning that day. The apartment would start to freeze, it wasn't exactly insulated well. What about the cat?

Just as he could see his apartment in the distance, the chime of a text message went off.


"Ice storm did quite a bit of damage, some places could be without power for up to 72 hours". His heart sank. This doesn't look good.

It was time to chisel away at the car and drive somewhere to get some food. It was 5:30 PM, and Evan's stomach was starting to growl.


Using the what little bit of warm water that was left in the hot water heater, he filled up an empty bottle and headed to the car. He just needed to get one door open to get to the trapped ice scraper that was left inside the car. Carefully pouring the warm water over the handle of the door, he could see the ice melt before his eyes. The difference in temperatures caused steam to rise like smoke. Finally, the door was free, and he could start up the vehicle and start chipping away at the ice.

After a couple trips back in to gather more warm water to speed up the ice removal, Evan was about ready to hop in and drive. Just as he scraped the last little bit of ice from his driver's side window, a neighbour pulled into a nearby spot. As she climbed out of her vehicle she asked, "When did the power come back on?"


Nearly fast enough to give himself whiplash, Evan spun his head around to see his apartment illuminated by the glow of his TV and lamps. The power was finally back, only 7 hours later.

"I guess it just came on now." he replied.

"Oh, that's good to hear." said the lady, as she shuffled towards the apartment.

Evan got in his vehicle and decided to head to a nearby restaurant. I'll finish that episode of Burn Notice when I get back, he thought.

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