I learned a few things playing Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition. I learned doing surgery with one hand is hard. I learned not to play with the green needle, no matter how fun the effects. I learned I should never be a doctor. I also learned I'm a cold-blooded killer. And I like it.

If you're not familiar with Surgeon Simulator, here's the quick version: you play as a surgeon, well, a surgeon's arm really. You use the buttons to control your arm's elevation and your fingers. You'll kill people. Lots of them. It's basically Octodad with a ton of gore.

You get to choose from a series of gut-churning operations like eye, heart, tooth and even brain transplants. Surgeon Simulator's particular brand of surgery involves destroying or ripping out any bones or organs in the way of your goal. Skull? Shatter it with a hammer. Lungs? Pull those out. Ribs? Break 'em.


It's not just operations you can choose, either. You can also choose the venue for your operations. If the intentionally bad controls weren't enough to clue you in, performing a surgery while running down a hallway or in a zero-gravity situation should remind you Surgeon Simulator is a simulator in name only.


Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition will frustrate you. It'll make you swear. It'll make you want to throw things. But you won't stop playing it. Five hours later you'll be wondering why you haven't quit. The game is just addictive, and when you fail, it makes you laugh. Pick it up, cringe at it, and enjoy it.