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There's a lot of samey looking stuff from the Kotaku article so seeing what other TAYers like is a good way of choosing which shows to watch.

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And articles for those looking for shows that resonated with TAYers

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Summer Wars Review - UI 2.0…

Summer Wars is about a world where everything depends on OZ, it's essentially the internet with every bit of the user's information tied into an OZ account/avatar. The story follows Kenji Koiso, an eleventh grade math genius, who gets caught up in a summer job offered by his upperclassman, Natsuki Shinohara. Natsuki soon brings Kenji to her great-grandmother's 90th birthday for the weekend and Kenji soon found himself in a white lie created by Natsuki to please her grandmother. Later that night, Kenji received a code with the subject Solve it. It's not too long before he finds himself in an even bigger mess than he's already in.


Overall, I do recommend watching it especially if you're in a mood for a movie about family minus the overly dramatic dramas.


Xam'd: Lost Memories, Thoughts and Feelings - Frogfro…

Now the first place to start with this is definitely the story, or rather how that story is presented. The basic plot is rather straight forward, a boy named Akiyuki lives with his family and friends on a small neutral island caught between the war of two much larger nations. The island is eventually targeted in an attack, and Akiyuki's life is torn apart when he has an unknown entity embedded into his arm, causing him to transform. He's then forced to leave his island and goes on a journey of self discovery with a mysterious red haired girl and a motley crew of postal workers.


Anime Impressions: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien/Rumbling Hearts - Walfisch…

I realized, even back when I first saw this series, that there is a certain level of intimacy and depth to the show. Besides the fact that PTSD and dis associative behavior is shown here, Kiminozo is a story about adulthood. It is about people dealing with the repercussions of decisions and indecisions made. Remember that time when you were kids, and nothing else seemed to matter? Those were the days when responsibilities were non-existent apart from school, and most of the time was spent hanging out with friends or playing. Of course, little by little those days crawl away, and next thing you know, they are nothing but a colorful memory. This is the crux of what Kiminozo is.


Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Review - frogfro

So in closing Devil Survivor 2: The Animation is a disappointing mess that I can't recommend to anyone. So here's my personal plea; play the game. I don't think I can articulate how much better it is, and I'm sure I sound like a broken record, because I've written about the game before, but it really is an amazing experience.



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