I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Considering GB recently wrote a fantastic (but massively under appreciated) article on a Forza game and the great music in it, it felt right that I do a short blurb on something I noticed a couple of weeks ago: the OST for Forza Motorsport 6 is actually rather good. But while the series in general has never had bad music (it’s never sank to the nails-on-a-chalkboard terribleness that was Gran Turismo 6’s horrid “techno jazz” menu music), the most recent game in the series has noticeably stepped up the tone (no pun intended) of the music you hear while driving machines to the limits.

The first four games in the series had licensed music for the racing portions, and tasteful, low tone techno for menu music. Forza Motorsport 5 however decided to go with an original score for the entire game, and while it wasn’t bad... it wasn’t exactly what I’d call great. The menu music was too operatic for its own good, and the racing music was too tame for it to really pump you up. Most people (me included) ended up muting it to hear the engine roars better. But with the most recent game though, I’m gonna keep it on instead. In Motorsport 6, you still get menu music that’s noticeable, but not in a bad way:

In this game now though, there’s music for when you’re in the pits waiting for the race to happen, and there’s actual music for when you’re racing. Here’s the pit song labeled... uh, “The Pits”:

Which sounds like the music Iron Man would play while he’s suiting up, and then there’s this great bit of music to race to, “Push to Pass:”

A lot of it sounds like the score for a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Energetic, exciting, but strangely tasteful. Forza Motorsport 3’s licensed music was usually too rock (imagine soft metal... okay, not that bad, but not far off), and Motorsport 4 had stuff that was too... pop-ey. The original Horzion though deserved music ripped from pop charts, and since it was made in 2012, pop music was actually good. Now though, pop music isn’t good enough. Not enough to make Horizon 2 as good as it should be.


With Motorsport 6 though, it is a bit sad that Lance Hayes (the main composer for the series for years) has departed, this new team of Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen has worked out brilliantly. I doubt however that Halo 5’s music won’t beat it in a few weeks however...

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