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Survey Results!! (Super Late Ed.)

Hello, hello, TAY!! Ready to dig in and see if your a cool kid or total freak? Let’s see how we all polled on this week’s Survey!

Apologies for the lateness. First, I forgot about Easter. Then I had a whole swath of minor and major issues. But we’re back on track now!

So Baby Groot, if you’d be so kind, what’s the first question?

The choices mean “Yay!” or “Yuck”, but I don’t know if it’s that obvious.

The first question was about Switch. (Do you own one? Want one? Hate the console?) It seems TAY has a pretty solid take on Nintendo’s latest gamebox.

68.75% - those polled who either own or want a Switch.

31.25% - Don’t own a Switch or don’t want to.


(Now, this question allowed multiple choices, so the numbers will add to WAY over 100%.)

It seems most TAYers are part of the Master Race (sorry, Alt-Play) since PC comes in first- with an oddly pleasing 72.73%


Not lagging far behind is PS4, as 66.67% of this devilishly attractive community lay claim to it.

Taking home bronze is the upsetting underdog, the big clicking hitter, the recently released rowdy wrecker.... NintendoooOOOOOO SSSSWIIITCH!!!


Honorable mention goes to the “other” category. From 3DS & Vita (which counts, sure) to Wii U to whatever dickhead wrote “Casio Loopy”, a whole 1/3 of people polled (33.33%) have VERY broad definitions for “current-gen”.


I’m gonna work backwards here. Because at 3.13% each, Netflix/Apps and More Power were as the least desired option (that’s one vote a piece). And the one person who voted More Power already clarified they meant Battery Life.

Fixing Hardware Issues got one more vote than those two, with 6.25%

Far and away, the most coveted choice was Games. Switch must be starving, as Games received 56.25% of the vote. In a not-very-close 2nd was All the Above (31.25). There was at least one skip (they didn’t want a Switch anyway, why would they care what it needs?)


GameCube Virtual Console was the winner, no need to hide it. 63.33% of voters went “Duh” and picked it.


Metroid Prime 4 was right behind it with 40%, followed by Mother 3 port (20%). Twin Snakes HD (16.67%) & AM2R Official port (16.67) paired for last place.


This one was the most cut & dry. 45.45% say more AAA titles, while 39.39% would prefer more Nintendo games. Rounding us out with another awesome number, 15.15% think Indie Games are the key.


Well, that’s all for Survey 2. Thanks for checking out the results with me!

Side-Note: TAY Surveys will be bi-monthly so I have more time to plan them. So the next results will be posted in May (probably the first).





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