I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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It's a common joke in my family that if life was really survival of the fittest...well, I'd be dead.

I'm a weakling, who is allergic to so many things, including new clothes. I get motion sick sometimes just by walking. I'm terrified of heights, drowning in cars, and sharks with lasers. :)


And one thing on that list has created a love/hate relationship with Skyrim: my motion sickness.

In my living room is an amazing 55" HDTV. It streams Netflix. It has inputs for my many consoles. It is glorious. Only it's not.

I can't tell you how many games I've played on that TV. Probably close to 50 myself, not including what my husband and child have played. Not one game has given me trouble. And then came along Skyrim.

I got the game for Christmas a year ago and since then I have gone through so many emotions with it, and I only have a Level 15 character. Within minutes of making that first character, I started noticing the symptoms of motion sickness.


I don't know if anyone else suffers from this, but let me explain what happens to me. It starts as a headache that feels connected to my stomach. As my head gets worse and starts spinning, so does my stomach, which leads to one solution as far as my body is concerned: throwing up. :(

I've suffered with this my whole life, so I tend to know how to control it. The first is stop moving. If that's not possible, I take Dramamine. It's become a good friend. Anytime I ride in a car, on the Metro, or on a plane, Dramamine is pumping through my veins.


I never expected a game to have this effect on me. None has before, but Skyrim has become my frienemy. I attribute this to the combination of the huge TV for my little living room, and the way I play the game. I have adjusted everything I can think of between my TV and Skyrim itself and still I can't have my own body accept the game. And still I try to play.

I have spent my little time in Skyrim exploring. I go from place to place enjoying the scenery. I have so far done just enough of the playthrough to open up the world, and have enjoyed the freedom so much. I'm pretty sure that's my problem, and my solution. It's a problem, because the walking in game sets off the sickness. It's also my solution, because hopefully once I find all that I can (Is that even possible?), I can fast travel everywhere I have to go and keep myself happy physically.


So still I struggle. Not as often as I should. I only start the game every few weeks, and once I have Dramamine working in my system. I set time limits (a half hour), so I don't end up hurting myself.

I have never so badly wanted something that is so bad for me.

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