I'm really feeling it!

Survived Phobos? Welcome To Deimos And... Your DOOM!

... second free chiptune tribute EP! That's right, today sees the release of the second EP of my humble "Doom" tribute!

"The 20th Doom - EP2 - The Chiptunes of Hell" is yet another 9 track EP featuring the original compositions of Robert "Bobby" Prince with my very own chiptuned twist. Grab you poison anyway you wish from the links below.

Free MP3 Download - Bandcamp LossLess Purchase - YouTube Stream

Hope you guys and ladies enjoy! Wouldn't it be funny if I showed up again next Friday!? Oh, excuse me, I hear the familiar Baron of Hell call from around the next corner... *puts up Plasma Rifle*

PS: Missed the first EP? Do the TAY Time Warp to last week.


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