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I now find myself in the intersection of two difficult positions. One, I have to leave tomorrow evening for Sweetwater, Texas (about three and a half hours from where I live) to stay the night in preparation for a long day of work on Friday. Two, as a result of this I have to write at least two articles tonight (Wednesday, June 27th) to ensure I stay vigilant in our writing challenge. To solve one problem with another, here is an article about how the Nintendo Switch is helping me cope with a stressful situation.

Now, a lot of you are going to roll your eyes at my stress over a one-night work trip. I’m sure there are plenty of people here that travel all of the time for their jobs, to the point that one night three hours from home wouldn’t phase them a bit. It’s a pretty big deal for me though. I chose my job and current location because it would be unlikely that I would have to travel. Not that I dislike traveling, but traveling for work creates this expectation for displeasure that, while never actually met, makes me tense for the entire experience. Something that has me much calmer than usual for this trip is the knowledge that I can bring my Switch with me.


Bringing video games on the go is nothing new, especially not for a Nintendo fanboy like me. I’ve taken a Gameboy Advance or a DS on countless adventures, and they certainly helped me feel more at home in unfamiliar environments. The Switch is unique, though, in its ability to easily transfer the home console experience to a new locale. This adds an extra layer of comfort, as it allows me to do something on the go that I can normally only do at home. Now I have an illusion that calms my rattled nerves: if I’m able to play console games, I must be at home!

The knowledge that I have something so effective at creating a relaxing environment really helps me de-stress about this whole situation. Nintendo has offered me a mobile comfort greater than any other, and for that I am truly grateful. Now all I need to do is download Hollow Knight before I leave for my trip…

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