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Announced at the Dengeki Fall Festival 2015 Hollow Realization is the follow up to the previous SAO games Hollow Fragment, Re:Hollow Fragment (PS4 Remaster), and Lost Song (seeing an English release on November 19th) each game of which tells a separate original side story set during specific parts of the Sword Art Online story. Hollow Fragment took place in an alternate time line during the Aincrad Arc of Season One, Lost Song during the Fairy Dance Arc of Season One, with Hollow Realization returning to Aincrad most likely during the gap between Season One and Two after new Aincrad was reformed in the Sky. Although this is all just speculation on my part based on outside knowledge of the series and games.

Furthermore based on the limited footage shown in the trailer this game looks much more polished. Despite its promise Hollow Fragment was not the most polished game especially the Vita version of the game and it was hard to recommend the game to anyone but hardcore SAO fans. Unfortunately I have yet to play Lost Song so I can’t really compare the footage to its direct prequel. All around though the game looks promising. Also coming off the announcement Tales of... characters will start appearing in the SAO mobile game I’m wondering if the game original character’s outfit being reminiscent of those found in Tales of the Abyss is a coincidence?


Regardless if your fans of anime inspires RPG’s this news is something to be excited about I would say. If not wait and see these games tend to go on sale quite a bit. In the meantime however we here in North America can look forward to SAO: Lost Song getting a rare physical release next month.

Further Information (Dengeki Festival 2015):
Sadly although there isn’t enough information to write an entire post (mirroring my first ever major TAY Post all the way back in 2014) there has been some information that may please some people.

- The Sword Art Online anime is getting the theatrical movie treatment. It will be an anime original film with the author of the Light Novels writing the story. Here is the trailer


- At the moment sadly there is no Index season 3 incoming... you have no idea how sad I am at this, guess I’ll have to make due with Heavy Object...


- Other game related information was regarding Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II (although I couldn’t find much of it...), Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita), and others of less prominence.

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