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Tabletop Stories : My Luckiest Character Yet

My regular Saturday tabletop group had been in a slump as of late. We had had our fill of elves, dwarves, goblins and orcs, no matter how uniquely they were being interpreted or how rich the lore created for them was. Dragons? Absolutely sick to death of them. Riding them, fighting them, raising baby ones, it didn't matter. We were just sick of the whole fantasy setting in general.

My friend proposed we drop the current Pathfinder campaign, and dust off the rarely used GURPS books. For those unfamiliar, GURPS is a system from Steve Jackson Games ( Creators of Munchkin) that can encompass pretty much any setting you can imagine. It's fairly complicated, sometimes hard to grasp, and it pulls no punches. This is not a system for a person new to tabletop games as a whole. It can be rough on even experienced players.


After debates on what the setting would be ( there were arguments for a L4D-style game, a Mass Effect game, Cavemen, and Ninja Turtles in Fallout I tried so hard for this) we settled on a Super Hero game. Having wasted so much time arguing over the setting, I thought quickly and just settled on making my own version of Spider-Man. Other player choices included a Dante (Devil May Cry), a character based off the adepts from Mass Effect, a Ryu-like martial artist, and a robot.

Our characters all manage to meet due to their connection to the Silver Shadow, a well known and beloved super hero in Paragon City, who had recently been murdered. Things were going good, until the robot killed someone. Then shit hit the fan. Suddenly, our team is scattered, all but one of us are fugitives from the law, the entire country's worth of law enforcement looking for us. Dante has lost a leg. The robot is reduced to dust. The martial artist is still making a go of it, but he's hurt and pretty badly.

And then there's me. No matter the risk, he still needs to find the Shadow's killer. His hunt leads him to Gator's men, setting up a bombing at an important cell tower. He manages to stop the bombing, dodging bullets and webbing enemies as he goes. The last few hop in a box truck and high tail it. I swing like a maniac, catching up and swinging through the side window into the cab. I web one guy's head to the back of the cab. The driver panics, and the truck swerves towards the side walk and an elderly woman.

I web the wheel and pull hard. The truck almost turns over, but luckily manages to stay balanced and misses the old woman. The driver attempts to punch me, misses, and again swerves the truck. This time, we're heading head-on into a store of some kind. I again luckily web the wheel and pull. The truck hits the building, but sideswipes it instead of colliding head-on. No one is hurt, and the building suffers minimal damage. I web the driver up, swing out the window, and am gone just seconds before the cops arrive on the scene.


And this has been the story the past several weeks. While almost everyone is making new characters and constantly dying or are severely injured, Spider-Man prevails. Everything in this game is dead set against characters like him, but yet he manages every week to escape traumatic injury and somehow accomplishes his tasks ( except finding the elusive Gator himself, the bastard), and is gone before the police even know he's been spotted.

I am Spider-Man. And Gator will answer for the Silver Shadow's death.

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