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Spoiler Alert: Major plot points of several Star Wars properties such as The Force Awakens and the Knights of the Old Republic games will be bandied about all wily-nily.

About Six months ago, my Saturday tabletop group decided it was time to give the current Star Wars RPG its day in court. Unable to get all three books available, we went with the ‘Edge of the Empire’ and ‘Force and Destiny’ books plus an extra set of the special dice.

Age of Rebellion is the one book we don’t have yet.
  • Setting: Now, the books specify that the setting is in that space of time between ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘A New Hope’ the books specify the time period as being between “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back”, -(thanks to SlickAWG for the correction) , but we were all in the post The Force Awakens craze, so we opted for a post TFA setting. I was Game Master, and declared the game was set about a year after the events in TFA. They made characters, all but one of course opting to be a force user of some kind, and we were off.
  • The Story: They started off being Hutt-employed mercenaries. But once their force affinity was discovered by their bosses, the Hutts immediately tried to hand them over to the First Order ( who were paying handsomely for any and all information on rogue force sensitives). With the help of another force user who would eventually become one player’s apprentice, they escaped the trap and flew off in a ship not unlike the Millenium Falcon ( they named it the Brass Monkey).

Without a whole lot to guide me as far as where the future of Star Wars was going, I decided to look to past Star Wars stories for inspiration. So I went with my favorite Star Wars properties, the Knights of the Old Republic games. My players wanted to become Sith ( we had discussed this beforehand), so I led them to Korriban and the abandoned Academy there. They decided to go against Sith tradition and forsook the Rule of Two, reopening the Academy and beginning to take on new students. They also discovered the beginnings of the map that would lead them to the Star Forge. With a gameplan in mind, the PCs dubbed themselves the New Empire and set about taking over the galaxy.

Weeks of play had the party fight First Order, Resistance,a new Jedi Order headed by Master Rey Kenobi, and Hutt enemies, all of whom dogged their every step as they followed Revan’s path from long ago to find the Star Forge, becoming Sith Masters along the way. Once they did, weeks more of gameplay to repair the nonoperational station due to the condition it was left in a KotoR 1.

I couldn’t possibly go over every detail of the campaign without writing a novel here. Realizing the Star Forge was requiring Force users as batteries, they first attempted to bait the First Order into a trap and claim Klyo Ren and Snoke. Ren was killed in the attack, and Snoke is now in the wind. They managed to put together enough a military force from what remained of the Order though to make a run on Coruscant, where they captured Rey and Finn ( who I also revealed to be a Force user). With the Star Forge now fully operational, they quickly made an armada that allowed them take control of most of the known galaxy far, far away.

Gameplay: The biggest hurdle was learning what all the damn dice meant, and what canceled out what. Just reading the dice ate up so much time in the beginning. But once we all had a proper handle on the dice, things went much faster. Combat became a well-balanced back-and-forth affair. Running the game as the GM was fairly simple. Not a lot of pregen enemies in the books, but enemies were so easy to create I was eventually able to do it on the fly. I thought lightsabers would be hard to work with, but they didn’t pose much of problem. Same with Force powers. The game did begin to unravel near the end, with players and enemies being so powerful it slowed down everything ( which is why I decided to call it when I did).

Coming from D&D, this might as well have been an all new language


  • Overall: Guys, this was an amazing game to play. Glorified Star Wars Fan Fiction, with my players as the Mary Sues. I think players new to tabletop RPGs will have little trouble playing their own games once you’re over that dice hump. More experienced Tabletoppers will find a wealth of things to draw fromdueto the setting. The game does tend a bit towards the abstract as opposed to direct numbers ( ranges are Engaged, Short or Medium as opposed to 5ft squares or 1ft hexes), so players who are more a fan exact positioning or grided layouts may be left wanting. Campaigns also seem to lean towards being shorter than your average D&D style campaign ( which can last over a year, up to two years), with us finishing in about six months.

    Now, off to the books to begin making my Jedi Consular Healer. Someone else is running this game, but we’re still set in the same universe 10 years later. Snoke is still out there. Luke is still out there. The New Empire is a force to be reckoned with. The Dark Side rules nearly all. But all is not lost....yet.

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