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TabletopTuesTAY!: Colder Than Death

Hello, and welcome to TabletopTuesTAY!, brought this week to you by your friendly neighborhood DM, JollyBoots! This week, we'll be taking a look at my current ongoing campaign. The PCs are a group of low level adventurers that have recently just joined a Dragon Hunters Guild. In a world that has been completely taken over by dragons, and even the good-aligned dragons have become crazy killing machines, will the PCs be able to discover the cause of the world's woes and stop it?

  • Into the Blizzard

After killing their first dragon ( a particularly nasty fight with a Pyroclastic Dragon), the PCs returned to base for their reward and some much needed rest. After regrouping, they were called upon by their higher-ups to go north, to an area known as the NorthFrost Dale. Villagers and merchants around the area have been reporting attacks by a dragon of unknown type, but no one has been willing to brave the constant blizzard to find out more.


The guild provided the transport, a small pack of flightless yellow birds.


That's right, I completely stole chocobos for my game. Statted them up and everything. Anyways, the day trip on birdback was uneventful, and the players reached the edge of the dale unopposed. Navigating the blizzard required a series of skill checks, both to resist the numbing cold and to find their way through the blinding white.

They progressed forward slowly, after tying the their rides up near the edge of the dale. After a few minutes, they stumbled across an Ettin and his two pet Dire Tigers. They quickly trounced the small ambush party. Then, after some particularly bad rolling by the players, they found themselves back at the edge of the dale, near their chocobos.

This managed to be a turn of luck, since their chocobos were being stalked by a pack of werewolves. A long and bloody fight ensued, with the PCs eventually winning out in the end. Splashes of red stained the white snow around them. The chocobos ran off, leaving the Pcs to again attempt to navigate the blizzard.


Which they tried, horribly. Every roll they could fail my players failed. This left them very cold, and very low on resources when they managed to get back to the starting area, again! This time, the blood of the previous fight had attracted even worse attention, and the PCs ( who were in a very bad way) were attacked by two wights and their vampire lord master.

Luck finally came to the rescue, as my group's rolling became phenomenal. One players blasted all three creatures with holy energy, damaging all three heavily and nearly outright killing the two wights. The rest of the group easily cleaned up, and the wights were down in round 1. With no one but the vampire left, the players attacked like a well-oiled machine. Round two would spell the end for the vampire. He attempted to revert to his mist form and run, but the players had been equipped to deal with insubstantial enemies before. He didn't make it more than a few feet before staining the now black with his own necrotic blood.


I, being tired of them getting lost in the blizzard at this point, handily dropped a map to nearby tunnel system that would get them to the nearby cave that housed the dragon and whatever protection he/she may have in place. The players made camp nearby, and got some much needed rest.

Tomorrow, they would have to enter the mouth of the cave. Would any of them see daylight again?


Any other DMs out there run snow-based adventures? Any other players been involved in adventures in the frozen tundra? Discuss this and more in the comments!

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