I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Well, as it's the holidays and there isn't much tabletop gaming going on in my life at the moment....


As much fun as Ron appears to be having, that's kind of how I feel. This time of year, it's less about making things happen and more about riding the holiday wave and hoping you don't get sucked down into the undertow.

Wow, that was a weird, uncalled-for surfing analogy. Anyway, with the holidays bearing down on us, TabletopTuesTAY! will be winding down until after the first of the year. I enjoy providing a regular place for people to talk about this kind of gaming within our little community, and I'm hoping to find a way to revitalize my tabletop gaming in short order, and keep this regular post going into 2014.


Time is divided between work, getting ready for Christmas and trying to keep my head above water in everything else. We've had some guest authors pitching in, and I wanted to take a moment to thank them all.



Tommy MF Pickles

Morie and pocoGrandes also offered to guest author, but they are in a similar boat as me - not much tabletop action happening at the moment.


Oh! I did pick this up for $10 at a local comic and game shop:

Illustration for article titled TabletopTuesTAY!: *Sigh*.....

I haven't really played any "living card games" myself, but as a Trek fan, I couldn't pass this up for a $10 spot. The rules seems similar to Magic The Gathering, with a finite number of cards to build from.

So, there's my question for you guys! Anyone have much experience with this game, or living card games in general?

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