I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Nov 27
Feast A TAY: Final Round

A Feast A TAY is rapidly coming to an end. Tonight, and extending into Thanksgiving day itself to let people REALLY

Nov 21
A Feast A TAY: Round 12

Calling this one a little earlier than usual on account of Mac and cheese just slaughtering Sweet potato casserole. B

Nov 19
A Feast A TAY: Round 10!

OK sue me, I am using paint and I told myself that this was going to be an incredibly “low impact” event, so nyah.

Nov 17
A Feast A TAY: Round 7

TAY’s favorite Furby is still busy, so its my turn to fill in on this food adventure. I’m here to close out this

Nov 16
A Feast A TAY: Round 6

Oh is it my turn already? I’m so not ready for this. I mean, HELLO TAY! As you may have noticed, Aikage is currently

Nov 14
A Feast A TAY: Round 4

In a move that should surprise approximately zero people, Mac and Cheese handily beat something called “meat cubes

Nov 12
A Feast a TAY: Round 2

I just got a weighted blanket and you’re all lucky because otherwise I’d have severe anxiety that everyone here is