I'm really feeling it!

The TAY Steam Group has reached 200 members! We’ve been using it to spread the news on Game Nights and other events for roughly two years now, so if you want to be in the know on the various gaming events around TAY—and have Steam—feel free to hop on in!

Arbitrary cut-off point, ahoy! The new Game Night time is at 9pm EST on Saturdays. We'll try it for a bit, at the very least. Oh, also, we're playing that Cards Against Humanity game that Battleborn shared this Saturday.

Remember when I said we were doing Warframe next week? Let's do it this week instead. We'll play Warframe for the PC and PS4 this Wednesday for Game Night.

DOTA 2 was selected for TAY's Game Night this Wednesday, January 15th. Polls for possible rescheduling of meeting times will go out either this Wednesday or the next - keep an eye out.

To kick off the new year, we're playing Grand Theft Auto: Online on the PS3 this Wednesday at 9pm EST. The sign up will be posted this Wednesday at the usual time.

We're playing Awesomenauts this Wednesday, December 18th at 9pm EST for Game Night. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Killing Floor will be our game for this week's Game Night on Wednesday, December 4th. If you don't own it, keep an eye out for it on the Steam sale - it usually goes for about $5 when it's one of the featured sales.

This week, we have two MulTAYplayer events. Snak is holding a Soul Sacrifice play session tomorrow (Tuesday), and for Game Night, we're having a Pokemon Hullabaloo this Wednesday.