Deal Blip. Warhammer games are on sale on steam for under 5 bucks a pop. If you have even a tiny bit of love for RTS you should buy it, it might make a fun game night some time. Get em here. Alternatively you can get Starcraft and Brood war for 15 bucks here.

Reminder: I need someone to host the PS3 Borderlands 2 Game Night tonight or it will be cancelled. It's up to you guys now.

Reminder: Tomorrow at 9:00 PM EST, TAY Game Night presents the Gears of War 3 on Xbox 360 and Borderlands 2 on PS3. Don't miss out! I still need a host for BL2 so let me know if you can ASAP. Check out the full November Game Night schedule to find out what we're playing this month!