I'm really feeling it!
11:50 AM

The Bees and the Trees. PhoTAYgraphy club returns with the theme of flowers. If you so wish, insects as well. What? You say this theme should have been done in May when everything was in full bloom? To you, I say...Spring came late this year! ANYWAY! Go forth and take pictures of the flowers, stop and smell the roses,

8:30 AM

Reminder: There is a new PhoTAYgraphy Club meeting on Monday, April 7th. The theme is water! So if you have not yet had a chance to go out there and take a picture, here's a friendly reminder to do so! See you guys then. Cleeeeeeck.

1:18 PM

April showers bring May flowers. In the next edition of PhO-TAYgraphy Club, it's the showers part we will be focusing on. The theme will be Water. Drinking water, tears, rain, rivers, streams, puddles - whatever the case may be, all pictures of water are welcome. The next Club Meeting will be held on April 7th, giving