Your Secret Santa Countdown Clock is here. And there are currently 3 (!!!) days until our Opening festivities on Decembe

Just a note that TAY’s Round Up will resume for Monday’s share. Had a lovely incident where the internet was down for a

TAY folk, Nach and I are off to E3 next week once again. Is there anything you’d like us to check out and report back

Let the Games Begin! Wooo, that was terrible. I’ll never say that again. As I’m looking through the TAY drafts, I see

Hey TAY, a heads-up: while y’all will be on your second, third, and tenth showings of Avengers this weekend, GBD, Peter

Article Scheduling Woes? Be aware that Kinja will publish your articles on the date and time you started drafting, so

TAYers, some help please! Tuesday Open Forum coverage is needed starting January 23rd through February 20th. Our usual

Hey TAY peeps, hope the long weekend’s going well. Just a quick note to say GBD and I will be co-hosting Kotaku

You have not been forsaken, TAY. Sorry for my absence these past couple of weeks but as you may have seen, I’ve been

Heads up, TAY: I’ll be the guest editor over on Kotaku this weekend (20th-21st). Peter Tieryas and GiantBoyDetective


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