I'm really feeling it!
11:06 AM

Tomorrow’s the day: it’s our 3rd Annual TAY Secret Santa “Opening Day”! Our Reveal Thread will go live at 9 a.m. EST. If you haven’t heard from either GBD or me, still have concerns about late gifts, or want a status update on something, now is the time to reach out! Digital Gift Givers: please do not be late. If you Read more

5:30 PM

Secret Santa Reminder: There are 3 days until TAY’s Secret Santa official “Opening Day” on Dec. 19th. If you participated this year, and think your gift to your recipient will be late or have general questions regarding Secret Santa, please contact GBD (ben@classrealm.com) or Z (Zarnyx@gmail.com).

1:40 PM

TAY Secret Santa is underway! This is a reminder that you have until the end of TODAY (Nov 20th) to sign up if you’d like to participate. Please remember that all participants must create a gift guide. For guidelines on participating and sign-ups, see the original post here. Read more