I'm really feeling it!
2:15 PM

Your Secret Santa Countdown Clock is here. And there are currently 3 (!!!) days until our Opening festivities on December 22nd! Remember, you can find your SS recipient’s guide here. If you have any questions or problems, please contact GBD: ben@classrealm.com or me: Zarnyx@gmail.com

8:16 AM

HoHoHo! Our 4th annual TAY Secret Santa event happens tomorrow, Dec. 17. The official Opening Day thread will go live around 9 a.m. EST! If you are gifting via Steam, please ensure your presents are sent by tomorrow. If anyone needs a status update or has any concerns, please send me a message here.
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8:00 AM

Secret Santa Reminder: There are 4 days until TAY’s Secret Santa official “Opening Day” on Dec. 17th. If you participated this year, and think your gift to your recipient will be late or have general questions regarding Secret Santa, please contact GBD (ben@classrealm.com) or Z (Zarnyx@gmail.com).